Announcing the winners from Opera Modo Presents: Detroit Aria Competition!

Rising Stars Award: Julia Massicotte

MODO Prize: Gillian Riesen
Christ Church Detroit Prize: Leslie Douglass Mason
Audience Choice Award: Leslie Douglass Mason

The Dorothy-Anne Wright Memorial Award: Elise Eden

BOT: Bankroll Our Talent!

MODO is launching a $20,000 fundraising campaign!

Every penny raised will go directly to our artists!

This campaign will allow us to pay each artist in our 2017-2018 season $250/role.

Did you know that many young singers have to PAY as much as $6,000 for opportunities to perform?

That means successful singers = wealthy singers.
MODO wants to change that. 

Our goal: to create a sustainable environment for opera to thrive in Detroit. 

A glance at the MODO Team:

Photos courtesy of Bruno

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